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Integrated Art Project

Transforming the Objects


Art crafts is one of the support that Paul Warde used to deploy his painting . His intention is to transform   standard or domestic object  in a artistic item given them a second life  .


In the 1970 , he start painting on big Ceramic  and used the Vitrail technique to en light  windows with colors  ,


Recently he collaborate with Coup de Foudre for launching The Harem Project  , based on a series of painting on top of various domestic object . 


with Oumnia , he work on launching a serie of rugged Carpet based on his painting of Towns : The Town Carpet Project  . This new project has been concretised by the first Town-Carpet based on Paul painting  and completely handmade  


Recently for the "Maison des Femmes" at St Denis Hospital , he implement one of his painting on the stair of the house .   


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