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About Paul Wardé

Paul is not an easy person to define. Some would describe him as a passionate genius, other as an unpredictable constant joker, or as a greathearted and sensitive artist.


Born in 1955 in Lebanon, he flew to Paris during the civil war. Ambitious engineer, he worked several years in multiple multi-national companies such as Thomson , CAP , Digital Equipment Corp and Alcatel-Lucent in which he reached a position at the top management.


Paul never stopped creating. He is what we call a complete artist : painting, engraving, playing violin, photographying, illustrating... He instinctively creates and naturally offers all his paintings to his family and friends. Paul has regularly presented part of his works in exhibitions in Paris , London , Seoul and Beirut.


If you know Paul Wardé, you probably have at least one of his creation at home.


In 1986 he obtained the distinction of  "Mérite du Dévouement Francais"  and the Silver Medal of the Academy of European Art .

Passionate, his paintings are a clear reflexion of his complex yet fascinating personnality.



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